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LOC Bottle Shop

A natural wine bar designed to feel approachable, LOC had some unique challenges in the brief. With the concept born during the height of the pandemic, and occupying a temporary lease created for new businesses to trial their ventures, the fit out needed to be movable to a new site if required. This meant minimal intervention and a ‘clip in’ design. Another challenge was the size- having 26m2 of Front Of House space created the need for a counter that blurred the line between back of house, and front of house- maximising seating and in turn, creating a welcoming, approachable atmosphere.

Year: 2020
Industry: Hospitality
Materials: Exposing existing site materials (concrete slab, paint stripped plaster walls) Powder coated steel, perforated metal, Australian Oak
Collaborators: Kipfler Studio
Builder: SPUD Group
Branding/Identity: Super Assembly
Photographer: Jonathan van der Knaap