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Chicco Palms

A suburban eatery set in the western suburbs of Adelaide, Chicco Palms occupies the site of iconic SA fast food chain, Barnacle Bills. Reflecting the surrounding materiality of the neighbourhood’s distinctive mid century houses; a monolithic wall of Breeze Blocks fronts the site, creating both an iconic visual for the venue, and partitioning diners from the main road of the site’s location. Cream brick, tones of sand and white, and a signature blue give the space a familiarity in keeping with Chicco Palm’s setting, reflecting the site’s surroundings and paying homage to its previous tenant.

Year: 2017
Industry: Hospitality
Materials: Pine cladding, Laminate, Powdercoated Steel, Vinyl Upholstery, Linen Upholstery, Vinyl Tile, Marble, Cream Brick
Builder: Dimco Building
Collaborators: James Brown
Branding/Identity: James Brown
Photography: Simon Bajada