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Africola Canteen

Africola Canteen, a sister venue of Adelaide institution Africola, is a suburban eatery in Norwood, SA- serving takeaway salads, cookbooks, signature condiments and local produce. Sitting somewhere between shop and cafe, the intent was to create a retail space that gives the same familiarity of a well seasoned home kitchen – welcoming, a bit mismatched, and homely. Occupying a small site on a busy suburban corridor in Adelaide's Norwood Parade, textured glass diffusing a window-facing main road, and a plinth displaying a seasonal window installation, work as both screening and invitation into the space. Inside, a layout similar to that of a home kitchen, rich toned tiling and a round kitchen table, paired with vintage timber chairs, post-modernist accents and an array of utensils on display bring a sense of domesticity akin to a family home. Artworks by local emerging and mid-career artists bring a warmth and playfulness to the space, creating their own compositions and interactions with the finishes throughout.

Year: 2022
Industry: Retail/Hospitality
Builder: SPUD Group
Branding/Identity: Super Assembly
Photographer: Jonathan van der Knaap